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Body Fluids. are the liquids that protect, nourish and lubricate the body. These fluids include sweat, tears, saliva, stomach acid, mucus, semen, breast milk, and other bodily secretions.

Jin are the lighter, purer fluids, which moisten and nourish the skin and muscles (exuded as sweat, but also manifests as tears, saliva). They also form a compound of Blood (thin out the Blood and prevent its stasis).
These fluids are clear, light, thin and watery, and circulate in the exterior of the body (skin and muscles) with the Wei Qi. Under control of the Lungs, which disseminate them to the skin and of the Upper Burner, which controls their transformation and movement.

Ye are the darker, denser fluids. They nourish the internal organs, moisten the joints, spine, brain and bone marrow. Further lubricate the "orifices of the sense organs" i.e. eyes, ears, nose and mouth.
These are the more turbid, dense, and heavy fluids, and they circulate in the interior of the body with the Ying (Nutritive) Qi. It moves relatively slowly and under control of (transformed by) Spleen and Kidneys, it is moved and excreted by Middle and Lower Energizer.

The body fluids and blood are closely aligned. They have the same source, replenish and nourish each other. The body fluids are also closely connected with Qi. A loss of body fluids may result in a qi deficiency, while a depletion of qi may cause an unwanted dispersal of body fluids.