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Jing (Essence), is the substance responsible for reproduction and regeneration. TCM holds, it derives from two sources:
~ the energy inherited from one's parents (prenatal Jing) and
~ the energy a person acquires in his or her daily life, chiefly from air, food and water (postnatal Jing).
Jing regulates the body's growth and development, and works with Qi to help protect the body from harmful external factors.

Jing (the material basis for the body, the fluid essence that contains the life force) and Qi have a close relationship. In traditional Chinese medicine, they are believed to form the foundation for shen (the spirit).

While we are born with a finite amount of prenatal Jing, postnatal or acquired Jing can be refined through internal martial art disciplines such as tai chi, Qi gong, and meditation, and replenished through diet, nutrition, and essence-building herbs. Jing defines our basic constitution and is intimately connected to the growth and maturation of each individual. It is consumed continuously, hence its gradual depletion over time is natural.

Several causes of kidney weakness can result in injury to Jing. That could be illness, traumatic injury, substance abuse, fear and fearing without release, overindulgence in sexual activity, frustration over not being able to fulfill one’s wishes, over-tiredness from traveling in conditions of severe heat, consumption of too much salt, and physical injury to the internal organs.
Injured Jing can cause premature aging, premature graying, and reproductive and developmental disorders. It can effect the health of your bones and teeth.

Jing acts like a blueprint and master control. It turns things on an off during development. Western medicine referssuch functions to heredity and DNA. Although in TCM, Jing cannot be reduced to Western concepts. Jing includes many of the functions of DNA and the laws of heredity but isn't limited to these.